Remain of Metropolis High School

Remain of Metropolis High School

The Dream

Soon after cattle king Colonel E.P. Hardesty sold his U7 ranch northwest of Wells, the so-called Pacific Reclamation Company bought land and in 1911, advertised what they promised would be a planned community of 7,500.

A four-block business district with concrete sidewalks and street lights sprang up and the railroad laid track to the booming town. The grandest three-story hotel between Reno and Salt Lake opened, followed by the brick high school.

Pacific Reclamation profited by selling land but water rights were not secured so Metropolis withered.

Today, sagebrush stands higher than most of the ruins, the exceptions being the remains of the high school, the hotel, and a monument to mark the passing of hard-working pioneers doomed to see their dreams evaporate into the high desert air.

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